About the Journal

Underneath the Bunker is a journal dedicated to obscure European culture, founded by the critic Georgy Riecke, who died in February 2015. It was launched online in 2004, since when it has published over a hundred articles on a variety of subjects, from the tombs at Khum Tash to the latest novels by the Norwegian firebrand Edmund Ek.

Underneath the Bunker is famous for the 2005 list ‘The Greatest European Novels by Contemporary Writers‘, compiled by Georgy Riecke and featuring full-length reviews by such critics as Heidi Kohlenberg, Lucien Ropes and Jinpes Terenk. The journal has also received contributions from the art historian D H Laven, the poet Brszny Derydaripov and the experimental writer Jean-Pierre Sertin (co-founder of Intercutting). In 2013, the site began to publish, in instalments, Georgy Riecke’s moving memoir Conversations with Speyer.

From 2008 to 2014 the journal was supplemented by Georgy Riecke’s blog. Both the blog and this site are currently administered by his widow, the poet Doris Boshchov.

Since the demise of Our Glorious Editor the domain name underneaththebunker.com has expired, which means that several links have been broken. Please be patient while we repair these broken links (or use the search function to navigate your way around the site)

What people have said about Underneath the Bunker:

“Like Lem’s ‘A Perfect Vacuum’, this web journal focuses on experimental literature, mostly of the Eastern European variety. Highly recommended.” (Waggish, 2006)

“There is more, as you will soon discover, to this site than immediately meets the eye. My only criticism is that it is time-consuming to read. But somebody, or somebodies, must have devoted a staggering amount of time to creating it…. I am particularly fond of Bo Bjo’s ‘Quite Smelly One Morning’. Also, there are many pearls of wisdom: ‘Beauty is so dazzling; it shimmers like a thousand shards of glass on a Sunday morning shopping street.’ “ (Grumpy Old Bookman, 2006)

‘I don’t get it’ (Anonymi, 2003-present)

Further reading:

Manifesto (2005)

Contact the editor of this journal at: georgyriecke@underneaththebunker.com

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